What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small field of letters and numbers that we temporarily store on your browser and will be remembered by your computer and stored on your hard drive.

What does our cookie do?

Our website uses cookies, as do almost all modern websites, to distinguish you from other users and remember you during your visit. These are sometimes called session cookies. This helps us to provide a good experience when you browse our website.  Our cookies:

  • Provide an anonomous code to distinguish you from other users
  • Remember website settings such as font sytle, font size, and primary lanuage
  • Improve the speed of paging through our website
  • Increase security by reducing the potential of hacks

Is our cookie safe?

We do not use tracking cookies nor targeting cookies for advertising. We do log the pages visited and articles selected as part of our evaluation of analytic performance. Our server logs the number of visits per hour and network domains (.net, .com, .uk, etc.)