Analemma Society Programs

  • M13 Globular Cluster

    Analemma Society has educational programs throughout the year to dexplain astronomical objects and their relevance to our lives.

  • Roll-Top Observatory

    The new Roll-Top observatory is open for Friday night public observing and for Fairfax County Park Authority courses and other events in the classroom.  The facility, dedicated in 2016 is open on clear Friday nights for observing assisted by Analemma Society volunteers.

  • Looking into the Sky

    Analemma Society in cooperation with Fairfax County Park Authority makes available the Remote Accessed Telescope Observatory (RATO) for astronomical imaging.  In the near future, students will be able to request astronomical images through this website.

  • Veil Nebula

    The Analemma Society was founded in 1998 to foster science through astronomy.  Star-Gazing at the moon, stars, and deep sky objects is a regular public event.

  • Public Observing

    Analemma Society holds regular public star-gazing nights at Observatory Park, Turner Farm, Great Falls Virgnia through cooperation with the Fairfax County Park Authority.

  • RATO

    Analemma Society uses the RATO observatory.  The Roll-Top Observatory complements this for public observing made available through Fairfax County Park Authority for astronomical observing events and educational classes.

  • Roll-Top Observatory

    Fairfax County Park Authority opened the new Roll-Top observatory and classrooms in.  The facility is now used extensively for Fairfax County Park Programs and Analemma Society Friday night observing and educational programs.

In becoming a member of the Analemma Society you actively contribute to children and adult science education through astronomical programs for the public. To become a member of the Analemma Society, you may join or renew upon paying annual membership dues.

We encourage you to become an Analemma Society member and to help us as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization to provide science education through astronomy activities at Observatory Park, Turner Farm in cooperation with the Fairfax County Park Authority.  In October 2016 the new Roll-Top Observatory will be dedicated with multiple telescopes for Friday night public observing. The view through a telescope stimulates our imagination in a way nothing else can. In this age of satellites and outer space travel, our future depends upon an appreciation and understanding of our celestial neighbors. This unique opportunity is available at Observatory Park sponsored by the Analemma Society. Our efforts have led to a major donation towards equipping the observatories to re-open October 1st.

We are working with the Fairfax County Park Authority to set up an education program to include public awareness of keeping dark skies. Analemma Society will inaugurate a series of educational programs covering Lunar Observing, Meteors, the history and meaning of Cosmic Rays and the history and construction of Sundials. We continue to seek volunteers, including the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC)) as we prepare to operate the Roll Top Observatory.

This year we hope you will help us grow our dedicated membership. We will be happy to speak with anyone to explain our exciting work! In renewing membership and donating to the Analemma Society, you actively contribute to children and adult science education through an important astronomical venue.

To join or or renew your membership via PayPal, select your membership option and click subscribe. Please provide your name and email. Otherwise, download the Membership Form, fill it out, enclose your check and send it to

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