Observatory Park at Turner Farm: The Telescope

Observatory Building a cinder block building, approximately 26 feet high, exists on the site with a 16 foot diameter electrically driven Ash Dome. The building is separated from the telescope support. The telescope will sit on a three foot diameter concrete pedestal placed deeply in the ground.

Roll-Top Observatory

The Telescope Plans are to install in the Observatory Building a Meade 16", f/4.5, Newtonian reflecting telescope Model DS-16 with Equatorial Mount on a 6" dia. Pier.It has:

  • a powered worm gear drive Model #897 Electric Motor System,
  • Meade Model 36 Single/Dual Axis Controller;
  • Diagonal Prism #918A 1 1/4" O.D. and a 2" O.D. Diagonal Prism;
  • 2" rack-and pinion focuser 2" #67;
  • Tele Vue 40mm Wide Field lens;
  • 2" Tele Vue 12mm Nagler, Type 2 lens and an assortment of 1 1/4" lenses and polarizer;
  • an off axis guider Mead AA 12mm Illuminated Reticle; 2" Lumicon Barlow lens;
  • 2" Lumicon coma Corrector;
  • 8 X 50mm viewfinder;
  • Telrad finder;
  • Lumicon Hypersensitization Kit Model 300;
  • SBIG Model ST-6 CCD Imaging Camera.
Also available as an auxiliary telescope is an 8" Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain Model # 2080 with quartz LX Drive. It is mounted on an Equatorial Wedge/Field Tripod System. There is a Dew Cap and 8" Solar Filter. Additional telescopes that may be used by the public are anticipated.Radar PedestalAt present there is a corrugated metal square shaped wall around the pedestal, open at the top, giving it a box like appearance. As funds become available it is anticipated this will house a radio telescope. Computer systems are also anticipated to operate the radar system and a remote control system to operate the visual telescope for both control of the dome and the telescope and images with the CCD.