Sky & Telescope      
Sky and Telescope interactive sky chart tells you how to visualize the sky from your location, home or anywhere in the world. Use the Selected View, which reproduces your sky, seen from where you are at a chosen time. Amazing!
Sky Maps
The evening sky map...
U.S. Naval Observatory
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
While we're looking up, guess whose looking down?
Learn about the analemma curve.
International Dark Sky Association
Northern Virginia Astronomy Club
A great resource from the McDonald Observatory.
Earth & Sky Radio
Check out their skywatching center.
Sundials on the Internet
A company in Britain sells Sundials.
Company Seven
Advice for those seeking to buy a telescope.
Conceptual Development Plan for Turner Farm
For more information on Observatory Park and Turner Farm
Great Falls Citizens Society
For more information about the Great Falls Community