Analemma Society Programs

  • Public Observing

    Analemma Society holds regular public star-gazing nights at Observatory Park, Turner Farm, Great Falls Virgnia through cooperation with the Fairfax County Park Authority.

  • Roll-Top Observatory

    The new Roll-Top observatory is open for Friday night public observing and for Fairfax County Park Authority courses and other events in the classroom.  The facility, dedicated in 2016 is open on clear Friday nights for observing assisted by Analemma Society volunteers.

  • Roll-Top Observatory

    Fairfax County Park Authority opened the new Roll-Top observatory and classrooms in.  The facility is now used extensively for Fairfax County Park Programs and Analemma Society Friday night observing and educational programs.

  • M13 Globular Cluster

    Analemma Society has educational programs throughout the year to dexplain astronomical objects and their relevance to our lives.

  • RATO

    Analemma Society uses the RATO observatory.  The Roll-Top Observatory complements this for public observing made available through Fairfax County Park Authority for astronomical observing events and educational classes.

  • Looking into the Sky

    Analemma Society in cooperation with Fairfax County Park Authority makes available the Remote Accessed Telescope Observatory (RATO) for astronomical imaging.  In the near future, students will be able to request astronomical images through this website.

  • Veil Nebula

    The Analemma Society was founded in 1998 to foster science through astronomy.  Star-Gazing at the moon, stars, and deep sky objects is a regular public event.

During the day on May 9th, the planet Mercury will pass across the face of the sun.  The planet will be visible in telescopes properly equipped for solar observing as a small black dot moving across the sun.  The transit will begin at 7:12 AM EST and will last until 2:42 PM.  Transits of Mercury are not as rare as Venus, but they are infrequent; the last one was in 2006 and the next transit of Mercury will occur in November, 2019.

Observatory Park in Great Falls, Virginia will be open to the public for the transit from 7 AM to 3 PM.  We will have telescopes with solar filters to properly observe the sun and the transit.  Please stop by to observe part of the transit and any visible sunspots.  DO NOT TRY TO OBSERVE THE TRANSIT WITHOUT PROPER SUN FILTERS.  YOU CAN BE PERMANENTLY BLINDED.

For more information on the 2016 transit of Mercury, Sky and Telescope magazine has a helpful on-line article:

Other observing locations in western Maryland from the Westminister Astronomical Society include:

Westminster Library, Finksburg Library, Mt Airy Library, TaneyTown Library, North Carroll Library (Go up Rt 30 to Charlotte's Quest), and overlook at Soldiers Delight.  Contact Robert Clark This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.