Educational Programs at Observatory Park

Once plans for the park are completed, we anticipate holding day and night time observation programs such as

  • making your own analemma curve,
  • marking the position of the changing setting Sun,
  • recording its rate of change, and deducing from this the tilt of the Earth and the nature of Earth's velocity.

The Society plans to organize periodic lectures open to the membership and the public on topics such as:

  • The advantages of a local Observatory,
  • Sundials and how they work,
  • The motions of the Earth
  • Light Pollution-what is it and how can it be minimized.

Analemma Society and George Mason University will provide a public outreach program containing information about radio astronomy and ongoing astronomy and space science programs.

Lectures open to the membership can be arranged to explain more technical subjects such as types of telescopes and how they operate, optics, and the more detailed aspects of Earth's orientation as the requests of the members develop.


Do you have a topic related to astronomy that you would like to learn more about? Click here to email us your ideas for future lectures and programs!